Honeymoon Pizza live cooking


HoneyMoon Pizza


A long, long time ago my brother and his new bride went off to enjoy their honeymoon. Arriving after an entire day of travel, they we tired & hungry. As they got to the hotel room, they were greeted with this pizza ….Skeptical at first, because who puts green stuff on pizza? and where’s the pepperoni? hunger gave way to trying something new. bake

Aah, but as luck would have it – this was more delicious than he expected. He was happy, my sister in law was happy and they enjoyed it so much so, that she’ll make it at home.

add cheese

And when she does make it, it can be for a special occasion or for no particular reason at all. As for my brother, each time he sees Honeymoon pizza in his kitchen he gets all happy and hugs her as if she made the most elegant meal fit for a king.

Honeymoon Pizza

How to Grind Lamb

The art of conversations: while I was home this past weekend, we were making our traditional family dishes, and they are time consuming!! But the magical thing about them is in the stories we tell while cooking, the discussions we explore as we chop. & it’s good to do things the old fashion way as there is no substitute for spending time with those whom fill our soul. We love. We learn. We eat, because this – This is our food.


Step 1: Use a sharp knife that is comfortable for your hand. Remove the fat & cut into chunks.

meat grinder

Step 2: Using the attachment on your mixure, grind the lamb a little at a time.





Clam Chowdaah New England Style

Gypsy Soup

clam chowder

Shucks! Teens R Cooking and stirring up some fun in the kitchen! They aren’t afraid to open a few clams, clean out the sand, and chop away.
National Clam Chowder Day is in February, we couldn’t wait.The festivals and awards that surround these little necks, are celebrated around the country. Find one that sparks your interest, and stir up the gypsy in your soul.

This Recipe is under Soups.

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Quick Pasta Primavera

Gypsy Soup


Sneaky vegetables, adding a twist to our favorite pasta dishes. Awesome things happen when we are allowed to play with our food. Zucchini, broccoli, carrots, and fresh herbs change ordinary pasta into a healthy meal.
Angel Hair pasta takes 5 minutes to cook, adding steamed veggies and a handful of fresh rosemary or oregano makes this dish a favorite for folks with a busy schedule. Back in my vegetarian days, I discovered a funky little cafe that served a pasta primavera as a daily special. They created such flavor combos, simply by exchanging the herbs or the veggies. The pasta, olive oil and butter sauce remained the same, yet each day it was a completely different tasting dish, like magic!

My recipe is under Entrees, give it a try, make magic happen in your kitchen.

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Not your ordinary Banana Pudding

Gypsy Soup


Last minute surprise company, well surprise ’em right back with something sweet. This only takes a few minutes to put together, and frees you up to enjoy time with your guest.
We begin with, a banana, a couple spoonful’s of brown sugar, a tablespoon of butter, drizzle in honey…20150507_164909then puff pastry & butterscotch pudding 20150507_193447

Make a few layers, add a big spoon of whip cream, sprinkle cinnamon and toasted coconut flakes….


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Citrus Chicken with Fresh Peppers

Adding a little Sunshine to our plates. A few quick steps to a Healthy meal full of flavor.

Step 1 : Marinate Chicken or Fish with your favorite Herbs. I choose thyme, and oregano.

Step 2 : In a hot skillet, 1 Tablespoon butter & 3 Tablespoons olive oil. Saute Chicken with veggies.


Step 3 : Simmer with the juice of an orange. Serve with Couscous on a bed of spinach and grated carrots. Enjoy !!