How it Works

       Youth Leadership

Hands on Cooking Challenge

Our class is designed to encourage teamwork, inspire one another, and build trust. Hands on allows us to take these skills and use them for everyday living!

How it works:

We begin with a brief overview of safety and instructions.
Teams are formed and then sent to various stations.
Here they will find the necessary ingredients, recipe, and equipment.
This is where the fun begins!
Individual strengths and talents begin to shine as we create our dish. Each team is responsible for completing their task within the given time.

Stacey will guide, support and offer tokens to each chef.
Each team needs a captain, a shopper, a secretary.
Your team will submit a plan of action within the first 3 minutes.
Your shopper may use tokens to buy, beg, borrow, or barter for extra ingredients.
While dishes are baking, or cooking, the team decides on presentation.
The secretary presents the final product to the judges table.

Class Length 2 hours
Class price  discount for groups, depending on which class theme you choose


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