Making Friends with Herbs


Healthy Food Trends 2016,  Meet “Adaptogens”  !! superherbs that help your body adapt to specific needs. Headaches, leg cramps, stress-relief, getting to know your herbs and which foods to pair them with.
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Use the heal of your knife to chop fresh herbs. This recipe is 2Bean Salad, full recipe is under Salads.

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Here is a list of our favorite Herbs;
Oregano  ” joy of the mountain ”
Potent Taste & Aroma
Use on salads, veggies, soups
Rosemary  ” dew of the sea ”
Aromatic & Pungent
Use on lamb, garlic, potatoes
Parsley  ” work horse of the herbs ”
Grassy & Sweet
Use in butters, cream sauces, fish, lemon
Sweet or Savory dishes, Drinks, fruit…hello mint juleps!
plays well with other herbs!  duck, turkey, eggs…look out omelets!
Vitality, protects from negativity, Sharp flavor…dill pickles!

Storing Tips:
Rinse with cold water. When completely dry place in zip lock bags. Freeze.
Chop, place in ice cube tray. Freeze, Remove cubes as needed.



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