Patty Pans

Patty Pans

3 Acorn Squash
2 Ribs of celery
½ Onion
2 Tablespoons butter
¼ teaspoon thyme
2 cups of breadcrumbs
1 Apple
2 cups chicken stock
½ cup cranberries
½ cup of walnuts

1.Scoop out the seeds of squash

2.Arrange in a baking dish

3.In a large bowl place breadcrumbs

4.Chop celery,onion and apple, add to bowl

5.Add seasonings ( thyme or sage or salt & pepper )

6.Add cranberries and walnuts

7.Stir in 1 cup of stock

8.Mix together

9.Spoon into Patty Pans, place a bit of butter on each

Pour remaining stock into baking dish, Bake 40 minutes at 350


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