Birthday Party Kids R Cooking


 Birthday Party for the young chef

A cooking party is the perfect way to celebrate, food, friends, fun!! Gypsy Soup offers a variety of personalized cooking classes, where the guest of honor will be entertained, enchanted, & experience a hands on cooking adventure!

Children love to be able to slice, measure, bake, and add their own ingredients. Gypsy Soup will guide the young chefs and encourage them as they put together recipes. We also take care of all the mess and clean up (added bonus for mom)

Favorite Themes:

Pizza Parlor – cheese pie, breakfast pie, dessert pie

Eifel Tower – crepes filled with ice cream, & berries

Seaside Sally’s –beach style party

High Tea – mini sandwiches, fancy tea, white gloves

Included in all classes:

Party invitations

2 hour class-includes time to cook, eat, open gifts

Paper products

Cake to be decorated on site

Games to co inside with our dishes, this is all about fun!

10 guest fee $250.00

11 to 20 guest fee $350.00

Gypsy Soup contact Stacey Dowd 704-779-2608


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