Apple Sausage with Bacon & Spinach Salad


Autumn Dinner’s going groovy here! Chicken Apple Sausage over a bed of spinach, toss a few nuts & berries add bacon and grab a fork!
There are a variety of these nut mixes -ready to eat, we used a cashew, pistachio, cranberry blend. The bonus is to keep the remaining nut mix on your counter. A handful while making breakfast, or even afternoon snack time satisfies that crunch crave !
Here is the step by step for  a power packed meal;
Steam Brussels sprouts , cook rice, fry bacon, while sausage broils:

20150924_164230 (1)     20150924_165444

Place a Handful of Fresh Spinach on Platter, chop bacon, toss Brussels sprouts in bacon pan to brown:

20150924_163253  20150924_165929  20150924_165530

Arrange over spinach, sausage, a spoonful of rice, sprouts, nut mix, bacon, feta cheese: Enjoy!!!



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