Braised Lemon Chicken


Don’t you just love to come home, open the door, and have that aroma fill you with….mmm, supper is ready! Oh, yes! the flavor units in this dish make everyone feel welcome.
Oh, and it’s easy to put together, a few herbs, a little splash of lemon and let it simmer. The trick is to use chicken thighs, I get it, I too was a chicken breast only kinda gal for many years. Every now and then you need to have that hearty flavor that comes from the meat, enhanced by the seasonings. This dish has you covered.
Grandma T knew this, and she would put it into practice every Sunday afternoon. Back in the days when family would spend Sundays together, the last thing she would want is to be stuck in the kitchen while we were all out on an adventure. They lived on the lake, so summertime was all about waterskiing and fishing. Wintertime, ice skating & ice-fishing.
Fish! This recipe you can certainly use fish rather than chicken. Take a few moments, put it on the stove, and spend your time enjoying your family.

The recipe is under Entrees, go on stir up the gypsy in your soul & have an adventure!



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