Zesty Pickles

Gypsy Soup


Summer tastes! Homemade pickles can make any sandwich spectacular. My sister and I would eat these all summer long. She would dare me to see if I could drink the pickle juice, and never shying away from a challenge – of course I did! A gallon of water to tame the overload of salt intake was needed, but it was worth it.
From way back, I was a gypsy, traveling with the drum and bugle corp in the summer between 7th and 8th grade. We loved the competitions,  marching in parades, preforming on the fields all over the Eastern Seaboard. My favorite part was the bus rides, and the snacks. Giant Deli Pickles, these so became our treat for the trip. Maybe it was the cool, crisp refreshment of them, maybe it was simply the joy of sharing something with teammates, whatever the reason I still have fond memories of…

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