Pesto & Pasta

pasta & pesto

Aah, fresh basil the flavor units fill the room! Traveling to a variety of countries, I have tasted pesto all over the globe. Some folks use walnuts, some use pine nuts, others put it on pizza crust, fish, even as a sandwich spread. It is a quick recipe that puts to use my favorite theme…permission to play with your food.
Quite a few years back, while visiting the grandparents my step mom let the kids go out into her garden to gather some herbs. This is no ordinary garden. Folks in New England take tours of this spectacular spread! Flowers pop with color, and herbs grow to amazing heights. There is mint…spearmint, peppermint, lemon mint, even chocolate mint…you get the picture.
Sending four little ones out on a mission was brave on my step moms part. They could possibly trample, stomp, or dig up something! Sure enough, the worst that came of it was to much basil to use for dinner. Returning with arms full of Basil, big smiles and a few mosquito bites we set to task.
We had so much basil, these plants in the ground stood 4 inches over my oldest ones’ head, yes a lot of herbs to work with. My step mom came up with a brilliant solution. We would make batches of pesto, let the kids take it home and they could give it to their teachers as Christmas presents.
Before entering the house, we needed to rinse the basil. The boy grabbed the hose and was happy to spray down his 3 sisters! Certainly the easy part is making this recipe, so here you are:

pesto    mixing it  store it

The full recipe is under Sides…go on, permission to play with your food!





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