Kids R Cooking


Fancy Stuffed French Toast, it takes a team! This crew of kids, oh! how delightful to have a week of cooking classes with them. They are so well behaved, it made it easy to let them take charge. I was impressed by the way they would easily exchange ingredients in a recipe. Two of the ladies are dear friends, and shared a ton of laughter with us. Smart, funny, and talented these two. They are going to be very wise woman.
A sister & brother duo also brought joy to our food adventures. The sister was the bravest of the whole gang, she had no fear in tasting new things …like radishes! Her courage will make her a force to reckon with as she becomes a young lady.
The brother, Sir Cooks Allot, well now, he is as sure footed and smooth as can be. He always made us feel like he had us covered, and his cooking style – Wohhlaa!
Our teammate that joined later in the week, she never missed a beat. Quick to settle in and a bright bubbly personality. She added the sweetness to the rest of the week, and spiced up our dishes as needed.

20150710_132127    20150710_135236

20150710_132910  20150710_132917   20150710_134815

Yes, we actually made a few dishes, apple dumplings, crepes, blueberry sauce, bananas fosters, and my grandmothers homemade fluffy pancakes.



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