Lemon Twist

lemon ice

Fun stuff! It reminds me of going to the amusement park as a little girl. My big brother would challenge me to all the rides, my competitive side …well bring it on!
Roller coasters, no problem. Tilt -o-whirl, of course, and everything in between  He had a way of being sneaky, though. My brother knew I couldn’t resist fried dough, not the kind with sugar sprinkled on top. Aah, the one with marinara sauce …yes, my kind of treat.  That was the first lesson in how to win or loose who rode the most rides at the park, my poor tummy!
The next time we went to the amusement park, I was prepared. I knew that I should keep myself hydrated, Lemonade or Lemon water ice, perfect solution. I also knew my brother’s weakness for fried clams.
Silly how something so innocent like a friendly competition among siblings can add so much to our personal character. I adore my brother, and he looks at me with pride and admiration.
Treat yourself to these fun flavors, and fill your soul with joy.
Recipe: 4 cups of crushed ice, 2 cups lemonade, pour into a baking dish & freeze. Shave lemon ice and spoon into hollowed out lemons.


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