Pineapple & Coconut Lime Salad


Toasted coconut & pineapple salad bring on the summer flavors! The kids love to add new twists to a dish. At our cooking camp, they decided to mix & match different citrus combos.
First up was squeezing lemons and limes and oranges. The 6 year old boys thought that it would be great fun to use the extra juice and make ice cubes. I so agreed! Frozen flavored ice cubes became another combo to play with, as these were added to seltzer water, various glasses of juice, and boys being boys…crushed ice. Right, the many uses of a rolling pin.
Back to our salad….pine

A bed of watercress, and baby spinach topped with fresh pineapple. a masterpiece.
The recipe is under salads, go on…permission to play with your food granted!


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