Travel Tips & Healthy Eating on the Road

Gypsy Soup

summer-driving (2)

Yes! I have traveled many roads, that;s what we Gypsies do. Here are a few tricks of the trade for staying healthy while enjoying the ride;

1. Eat before you get on the road; this gives you a smooth head start.
2. Meet the locals; make your pit stop at a local cafe/diner, this let’s you get the full flavor of the town you are in.
3. Use your apps, GPS, ‘good food near me’; Either for a short break of appetizers or a hearty home cooked meal, and save the fried food for your final destination.
4. Keep a secret stash on hand; Nuts or Grain Crackers even a big pickle to satisfy the crunchy crave.
5. Avoid bumps in the road and dehydration; steer clear of soda instead drink plenty of water.
6. Power up with a protein break; omelette filled with veggies or a yogurt smoothie.

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