Old Fashion Honey Walnut Cake


Spring Fever has sprung! So has the pollen count. There’s a bit of controversy over the use of local honey and your allergies.
Check your facts, gather the info, and discover what works best for you. As for me, I’m sticking to the gypsy folk lore – eat local, eat fresh, eat seasonal. ( don’t get carried away, even I admit to the occasional Big Mac ! )
In New England, towards the end of April, when those piles of snow have finally melted and the air is fresh, Spring Fever sets in. After being cooped up all winter the best cure is a drive to the Cape. In high school, my friends and I, desperate to play hooky would round up the troops and when that bell rang on Friday afternoon….ooh, sweet freedom.
The caravan zipped off toward the beach. It wasn’t even so much the destination, more the joy that filled us as we cranked the music and giggled along the road trip. Spring does stir something in your soul, reminding us of new adventures to be had,  and friendships that last a life time.
May you use this recipe and create new adventures for yourself, and find a little sweetness in sharing it. The recipe is under desserts.


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