Coconut & Raspberry Cake

bunny rasp

Aah yes, just like a little bunny on Easter, fluffy and irresistible. Before we had lots of restaurants and grocery stores and bakeries, we had family gatherings where everyone took part in bringing a dish or two.
In my family, it would begin the week prior to a holiday. We took turns going to each of the Auntie’s houses. Uncle Joe made the best sausage, and I loved being in the kitchen with the guys. They let me sit on the counter, as they swapped stories and smoked cigars. I was treated like the princess, til it came time to do the dishes!
The next day we’d be at Auntie Mabel’s, she had the desserts duty. All the cousins were set to task, except me. I would dodge them by hiding out with my Uncle’s and learning how to play cards.
Yes, each home had a part in the meal preparation, I think it may be due to the fact that no one family could afford to buy all that food. What ever the reason or tradition was, it made holiday times in our family a true joy.
You can find this recipe under Desserts, may you find joy in sharing it with your family & friends.


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