Sunshine in a mug

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Like an old friend, this here juicer of mine! Before it was popular to go organic, oh about 1985, a dear friend gave me this contraption. At the time I was a vegetarian and discovering all about food combining.
We called her June, short for juniper juice…we gave everything nick-names. June has endured traveling with me from Maine to Connecticut, London England to Pennsylvania to North Carolina with a few stops in between.
Setting up a deli in a friends’ vitamin/organic shop was quite the rebel thing to do in 1990. I did get an insiders glimpse into macrobiotic diets, food allergies, and the lifestyle of the “earth biscuit type” and did I learn, Oh how I learned!
Too many carrots leave a ring around your lips, that orange tint is juicing overload. Getting caught up in the  – this is good for me — without fact checking, may undermine your goals. You’ll get the maximum benefit from your juice by consuming it immediately after juicing.
Oxidation occurs during the juicing, the vitamins and minerals break down quickly. Should you want to make it ahead of time, store in airtight containers. Better still, freeze in ice cube tray! Now that adds endless new possibilities to your day.
I for one am glad to still have June in my life, she is like that trusted friend. I might not need to call on her everyday, sometimes it could be weeks we go with out interacting. I always know she’s there, for whenever I need a little pick me up, a little sunshine in my day.




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