Split Pea Soup

mmpea soup

For the love of leftovers, we have here a hearty bowl of soup! That hambone left from dinner, easy to add a handful of veggies & herbs to make a meal that fills your soul.
A few tricks to keep in mind, yellow peas, green peas, brown peas will change the color of your soup. The ham bone will add plenty of salt, so no need to add extra while simmering. Oh, and it will get thick, add more liquid as you go along.
Aah, yes tricks… My brother was very mischievous, he would get us all on board with whatever clever idea was up his sleeve. Straws & peas would make for a very good game out at our fort! Now don’t get ahead of the story, here’s what happened next…
The neighborhood gang was set in teams, we hid, and had a great afternoon…until our dog ( a german shepard named Shane ) came charging at us. At first I thought he was in protective mode, until I saw the swarm of bees. Shane dug up a hornets nest, and was the one in need of being rescued. I gave the Danger single, usually reserved for parent alert, and all the troops took off running towards home.
There we were, kids screaming and running, the dog chasing us and whining, the bees chasing the dog. Being the fastest runner, my brother got home first, grabbed the hose and turned it on those in pursuit.
Thankfully this big pot of hearty soup was ready to warm us up, and there were only a few bee stings in need of mudpatches.

The recipe is under Soups, may it fill your bowl and your soul with joy.


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