French Onion Soup


Soup! Glorious Soup! This has so many versions, some folks add flour, others add beer…me- keeping my recipe simple and flavorful.
My cousin Bobby and I had a weekend adventure to Paris, way back when we were teens. Auntie Mary sent us to stay with her dear friend right in the heart of the city. He and I went all about, walking, giggling, exploring.
He was always the prankster, and coming up with these wild ideas. We would go into a café and pretend we were left behind because our tour bus departed without us. While we were in Notre Dame Cathedral, Bobby would whisper the silliest jokes and try as I might to keep quiet… the giggles would eventually slip out.
After a full day of walking the city, taking in the sights, we arrive back at the Flat. Auntie Mary’s friend was a gracious hostess. The smell of this soup simmer was like coming home. There is nothing like sitting down to a heartwarming meal and sharing stories of the day!

20150316_165231  20150316_172143

This recipe is under soups. Go on, stir up the gypsy in your soul.



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