Healthy Lunch & Such


Get your healthy fix with this quick and easy recipe. A good way to disguise those leftovers, a nifty way to get those veggies into your day. So versatile – this dish, breakfast, lunch, afterschool snack and power packed with vitamins!
Many moons ago, I was on a trip in Europe. A mission actually to find a statue of St. George. It didn’t begin as a mission, I was in a town where some pretty famous artist made these life size statues, and pieces of art that took your breathe away. I was standing at the foot of David, knowing a little history, I decided to go to the original Gates of this town to track down the statue honoring it’s protector – St. George.
Thinking I was prepared, comfy shoes, a bottle of water and a whole afternoon to adventure, I set off. The summer heat was intense, so periodically I would pop into a little church along the way. The fresco’s only heightened my enthusiasm to find this sculpture of the mighty Saint. Being a walled city, the gates were at the top of the ‘mountain’ so up, up, up, the hill I trudged on.
By now, my water is finished, I have to go the bathroom, and it is feeling like all those kind-hearted villagers I met along the way, were perhaps sending this American on a wild goose chase! Aah, just then I see the towering gates, my heart renewed with accomplishment and joy. That is soon to change, as I stand at the gigantic doors and there is the sculpture, more like a plaque, all 5′ x 3′ of it set into the door like a framed photo over your fireplace.
My long trek back gave me plenty of time to reflect on things, expectations at the top of the list. Right up there with food! I sat at a café, I think it may have been the neighborhood hang, as the locals seemed to be stopping on their way home from work. They filled me with stories, songs, and laughter. Oh and a dish similar to this recipe.
May you create it for your family, and sit about giggling and filling your soul with joy.
Veggie Twist Sandwich recipe is under Side Dishes



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