Ribs & Such


Going with the babyback pork ribs here! No worries if you don’t have 8 hours to slow cook them, I’m giving you the secret shortcut.
Boil them in a pot of water with 4 Tablespoons of vinegar, for 30 minutes. Drain them and rinse the pot. Putting the ribs back into the pot, with cold clean fresh water, boil them again ( no vinegar this go around ) for at least 30 minutes.


In the meanwhile, sauté some kielbasa, steam your veggies. Rice pilaf will be awesome or potato salad, or baked potatoes. Grab your favorite BBQ sauce. Drain ribs again, set them on a cookie sheet lined with foil. Pour your sauce over the ribs, bake at 375 for 20 minutes.


Get them to the table, and enjoy ! A lot of napkins will be needed and something to drink. Eyeing the Boston Cream Pie, I pour a tall glass of milk for myself.

20150217_183627     20150217_184027


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