Mini Ministroni


The gang loves this one. Invite them over, or put the extra in the freezer.
There is so much to learn from my older neighbors, they have traveled the world, raised their children, and grow a garden that should be on the front of a magazine!
Bob always catches me in the late afternoon, at the end of my driveway with a tip or two on my flower beds. I am grateful for the distraction and secretly love to listen – as the smell of his cigar makes me fell like home.
His wife, Nancy invites me in for tea and asks me to help with a puzzle she has out on the table. Odd how sitting and chatting while your hands are busy, that a calmness fills you. Just like a big bowl of hearty stew! This recipe comes from my neighbors, their adventures from Italy inspired this version, I am passing it to you all. It is under Soups.
May it fill your soul with a calm feeling of being home.


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