Queen of Sheba Chocolate Cake


One taste and you’ll feel like royalty.
Using only the finest ingredients, we three seasoned cooks strolled into the kitchen attempting to make this decadent dessert, oh my! the shenanigans of the evening!
The first challenge was to find the baking dish, the 8 ‘ one, which we almost never use. Down into the cellar, goes my sister. Meanwhile, Gammy sets the double boiler on the stove, while I pour some tea. We are excited for company and Gammy updates me on what’s news with everyone. As I’m about half way through my cup of tea, a loud banging jolts us ! Good grief, she is still in the cellar.
The door flings open, my sister resurfaces with a dozen baking dishes! At least she is smiling, and baking begins again. Normally a dessert like this takes 15-20 minutes to whip up and put in the oven. It may be the cosmos was off that evening, or just the joy of spending time together in the kitchen – but 3 hours later we finished.
I’m going with the latter, as you see we were having so much fun stirring things up, this is what our guest were treated to;

20141225_16283620141225_162710 (1)

Oh, And there is more!!

20141225_16285120141225_162645 (1)

These recipes are under Dessert, go on treat your guests like royalty.


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