Valentine’s Crush


Homemade, Auntie Jodi’s Fudge with a twist for Valentine’s Day. The recipe is sweet, just like my sister.
The fun part is in the many ways you can top these cute little tasty treats. Toasted coconut, or chopped nuts and caramel, a layer of cream cheese swirled with berries. Left over candy canes from the holidays, crushed and sprinkled into a layer of raspberry jam…Valentine’s Crush!
As kids, we would save our coins until we had enough to go to the corner store and buy a treat. Auntie Jodi had her eye on these fudge squares, me- well sometimes I wanted the big dill pickles from the barrel, or a slim jim. My choosing changed with the mood, and with the seasons. Auntie Jodi was consistent.
The adventure of us trying to get her to buy something new was half the fun. The delight always came from sharing giggles and an afternoon walk, and of course the reward a tasty treat!
She travels all over the world these days, and I giggle when she calls to say she popped into a little shop that had the most amazing fudge ever.

Under desserts you’ll find the recipe, go ahead- try something new and share the adventure!



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