Cherries in the Snow

20141129_20401620141129_204024 (1)

New traditions, I’m so very lucky to have dear friends that treat me to such delights.
Over the last holiday, I was kidnapped- whisked away by my friend. We traveled to his family’s home in the Mountains. A true working farm, where the laughter and the cousins welcomed me with a warmth that made me feel as if they had known me a lifetime.
While the food was being prepared, I got my fill of stories and history, and became very enchanted. Their family roots began in Northern Virginia, working hard, building a family, participating in the community. I lost track if it was 6 children or more, the fascinating thing to me was that when they grew into adults, they all lived within walking distance to their mom & dad’s home.
Childhood antics were retold to me as I peeled potatoes. Laughter did not slip out, rather it swirled into every room in the house. Our host set me to the task of folding napkins as a few of the nieces set the table for 20. The main meal was going to be a bit formal.
Some of the younger guys got to go off hunting, and I was tempted to trail along with them, as by now I was fighting with these dang napkins. Aah, I was soon rescued by a comrade that had married into the family.
Task complete, I wandered back into the kitchen where the hippie chick that was attached to one of the sons, handed me a bowl. She was making Gram-Ma Croson’s famous Cherries in the Snow.
There were quite a few cherries left over, but on the farm everything has a purpose. Our host simple poured some milk into a machine with a few other items, and the cherries. Yup, Homemade Ice Cream!20141129_204854
I was entrusted with the family recipe which I share here with you all. Cherries in the Snow is under desserts. Make some, and make some new traditions with your family!


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