Oh My, Pies!

20141121_135202 Crumble, crumble, crumble.

20141121_142048Rolling right along.

20141121_17093420141121_163229Looking groovy!

Oh my, we get to have all our favorites when we use this shortcut.  I adored the holidays as a child, all my auntie’s and uncles would bring their specialty dish to the house. The day would be filled with endless giggles and stories. Desserts were welcome to be eaten at any given point during the gathering.
Our family table these days, we wait to have dessert after a full meal. Uugh, it’s too hard to choose just one piece of pie, yet I’m to full to eat a slice of each.  Here’s the way to fix that! Mini Pies, I was able to share these recipes on a cooking segment on our local t.v. station today. Folks round here may be inspired to give these recipes a try. I hope you are as well.



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