Street Food

hot mangostreet food   My trip to Texas gave me more flavors to explore! This typical street food- Hot Sauce & Mango on a stick, too hard to resist. The entire trip was full of delightful surprises. It began with a simple mission, an event for a special  wedding anniversary with 70 guest from all over the country. Lucky for me, my childhood friend lives only 3 hours from where we were to host the party. We were also to play the part of decoy, as it was to be a surprise party for the couple. Things were going along smoothly, including the usual expected hiccups for event planners, you know last minute changes and adjustments. The home of the happy couple was also the location of the party, so it was a bit tricky keeping the unsuspecting hubby & wife away from their house for the 7 hours needed to set up the shin-dig. Again, lucky me, their children were quite capable of handling the nitty gritty work of taking care of the details to make this a spectacular evening. Our anniversary couple graciously accepted an invite to drive the three hours to meet up with my friend and I (the decoys, remember) The plan; We’d treat them to an exhibit at the art museum, add a lovely lunch, and dilly dalley along as possible before the four of us embarked on the journey back to their town. Good thing we were in separate cars, as we were about ten minutes from their exit and still 30 minutes to early for the arrival time. Good grief, at this rate we would show up before the guest, so plan B…emergency stop on the highway. I claimed I felt car sick, and I was beginning to think I may have just ended a 14 year friendship with this couple. They were so ready to get home. When we did finally get to their house, they were shuffled out to the back yard which was transformed into one of the most incredible venues I have ever been a part of. Family, friends, and food just perfect! The recipe for this street food is as follows; 1 large mango, peel, place on stick, slice 1/2 Tbl red hot sauce, 1/2 Tbl lime juice, cayenne pepper, chili powder, salt, mix together, spoon over fruit


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