Portobello Pleasures

tadahh Hot out of the Oven!



Oh the many choices of fillings here my friends. Let your imagination and your flavors fill these Portobella Mushrooms, why be ordinary, excite your guest.
It took me a long while to become friends with these earthy flavored veggies. I tried so many ways of getting used to the taste. Silly me, it is all in how they are prepared.
One particular spontaneous trip, hiking in the mountains, we found nightfall approached faster than expected. At least we had sleeping bags in the car. We were at the farm stand earlier in the day, so we had food. Well a potato, a couple carrots, bunch of scallions, corn on the cob, oh and a few Mushrooms.
We set up camp, got a blazing fire going, and realized we had no pots or pans. Quick thinking, we filled the mushrooms, set them on the corn husks, placed the potato near by…Best campfire dinner ever.
Feeling full, happy, and tired we snuggled in our sleeping bags. In the moonlight, how mysterious life moves, discussing all the things that matter, faith, family, friends, adventure, joy. Drifting off to sleep.

This recipe is under Sides, use as a guide, let your imagination guide you the rest of the adventure.



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