On the Road & Healthy Eating

caravan 1

Summer travels begin! Many times I have driven up & down the East Coast , from North Carolina to Maine. Our favorite stops in Philadelphia, NYC, Connecticut, and Boston were all about food and family.
To me it was also about keeping my travel companions from getting weary or sick. Upset tummies, and to much sugar can spoil the car ride.

Tip # 1
When stopping to fuel up, use the time to run into the local grocery store. Every town has one! Fresh fruit, even the deli sandwiches provide a better choice for refueling your own metabolism. Cruise down the veggie aisle, load up on pre-cut carrots & celery, you’ll be glad for it an hour back into the drive.
The first few times I applied this travel trick, I was sure it was adding ten minutes on to my ‘on the road time’. However, when the over all drive is 12 hours, 6 hours, or 20 hours, does ten minutes really matter?

Keep healthy, keep sane, keep safe. Happy traveling.


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