Pina Colada Cake

slice (2)


Aah, sweet destination! Whisk yourself away with these flavors. A taste of something tropical, always shifts the mood to a laid back, easy going attitude.
Getting caught up in – the life is so busy – mode, certainly can lead to tunnel vision. Thank goodness I have close friends that recognize when I need to slow down, and recharge. And I do the same for them. A dear friend took me to see the property he purchased on an island. We stood atop the pile of dirt, and he began to describe his house plans. I asked why the house was facing the marsh, he explained how being a block off the ocean…. and this, and that, and so on. Aah, I then asked what if you built a two story, wouldn’t you then have an ocean view?
Yes! I get tunnel vision. Yes! I have friends that will help me change the view! Yes! Life is full of flavor, enjoy the sweet moments.

This recipe is under Dessert.


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