Mini French Puffs with Coconut Frosting

mini (2)


Kids R Cooking !! While you are all in the kitchen, getting ready for family festivities this weekend…let the kids Play with Their Food! This easy Mini French Puffs recipe engages the kids to be creative and helpful. Set a large throw away table cloth down, ( or an old shower curtain ) give them a few bowls and a whisk …then stand back.
Help them put the muffin tins in the oven, and allow them to set up bowls of coconut, frosting, maybe even food coloring. This is when the real magic happens. Hint; a bag of Popsicle sticks instead of butter knives to frost with, make for easy clean up.
No need to be afraid, kids as young as 5 can crack an egg, the older ones know math, and everyone is happier with sticky fingers.

This recipe is under Breakfast.


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