Pop – Ups

pop up pancakes (2)strwbry jam (2)


So fun when we play with our food! Teens R Cooking came up with these clever little pop-ups. My kitchen fairies ( aka the teens ) were helping at my pre school class;
The 9 boys were set to make jam. We washed strawberries, set up the pans, and brought out the sugar. Silly me handed the 5 year old kids potato mashers to squish the fruit. It only took a few minutes for those boys to convert mashers to swords. Berries were flying everywhere. As I cleaned up sticky fingers, the teens used the time to make a ‘ pancake’ batter in muffin pans.
Lessons learned. New recipes discovered. Gifts for parents completed. Most important, Happy tummies.

These pop – ups can be found under breakfast. Swap out the jam for something savory, go ahead play with your food.



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