Spanish Egg Cake

flowers (2)


Fat Tuesday, Mardi gras, Ash Wednesday, this recipe works for all party go-ers. All you need to add is a few drinks with an umbrella and the meal is complete. Simple twist on quiche, folks.
The original recipe for this dish was transformed by a group of party moms at one of my cooking classes. I have the best students! It may have come about from the need for ease, or maybe it had to do with those colorful drinks while stirring up some fun in the kitchen. I’m just happy to pass on the two versions to you all.
Choose to bake this in a Bundt pan for a more elegant presentation. Arrange the egg cake on a pretty platter with a glass of flowers in the middle, add some sliced melon and you’ll be the hit of the pot luck dinner party.
Simply trade in your Bundt pan for a muffin tin, adjust the ratios, and these little egg cakes make an easy choice for food on the go. Mix things up as you are heading from baseball games to swim practice, skip the drive thru! With these on deck you can have a healthy party in your car.
The recipe is under breakfast, stir up the gypsy in your soul.


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