Shortcut thru the Black Forest Cake

black forest


Some recipes you can not imitate, no matter how good a cook one may be. Authentic Black Forest Cake typically takes 72 hours to make. Thank goodness for shortcuts.
I am a fan of shortcuts!  I was nicknamed ‘Post Road Polly’ while living in Connecticut, traveling to NYC well for goodness sakes,  I’d rather skip driving on rt.95 instead I’d head on down the Post Rd.
I got dubbed ‘Side Street Sally’ while living in Philadelphia. My friends that grew up there were surprise to find I knew all the side streets and avenues as well as they did.
When I first learned to drive, my grandfather taught me on the streets of Worcester, and if you can Navigate around Boston well you can apply those skills in everyday life.
Driving in Europe, Ha, that’s like being a good guest when you are at a friends house – their home – their rules. I just found it best to stick with alternate transportation.
So here’s to shortcuts, skip the labor of love on the authentic version of this cake, use these quick steps to a delightful dessert.

Make a simple chocolate cake in two round pans
Make a blend of raspberries or cherries soaked in kirsch or liquor of you fancy
Spoon the berries on to one of the cakes
Place the other cake on top
Use extra sauce to pour over cake
Serve with ice cream.
This gives you more time to spend sitting and chatting about far away places, and making plans how to get there.




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