Oopsie Apple Pie



Here’s how to make a baby shower fun and elegant at the same time! The momma – to – be loves apple pie, so her mom created a spectacular way to serve all the guest this family favorite.
You can adapt this recipe for your family.
Begin with a leftover pie, or muffins, or cake. Layer it with whip cream, and sliced fruit. Present in a pretty bowl. Sit back. Enjoy.
This can also save any dessert gone wrong. Ever make cake that comes out crumbly? Or muffins that no one really looooved? Or pie that was a bit soogey on the bottom? Don’t toss ’em in the trash. Simply layer them up and be Fabulous!


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One thought on “Oopsie Apple Pie

  1. bakingnotwriting November 21, 2013 at 6:36 am Reply

    This dessert “recipe” is huge in England where they call it trifle. It works well with overripe fruit and stale or crumbly cake/cookies/whatever too! Looks gorgeous in that giant glass of yours. Thanks for the follow!

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