Hearty Potato Soup



Teens R Cooking, with left over roasted chicken! As my teens were chopping and adding herbs, we discussed our grandparents. Seems every family has a secret ingredient to add to the pot, and a great story as the side dish. I was lucky to grow up with two sets of grandparents; Sittu & Grandpa, Gramma T & Grampa T.
They knew the value of a dollar, and taught me how to create a new meal out of a few left over dishes. I share these lessons at my cooking class, and the teens are so much more resourceful when they go of to college, or get their first apartment.
Right about mid-semester, I get a call from a past student, letting me know how their dorm room is the favorite hang-out to eat a good home cooked meal. They make me so proud!!

Hearty Potato Soup is a few simple steps, and feeds a crowd. The full recipe is under soups, above on the recipe link. Here are the basics;

Use two pots, put 2 Tbls butter in both
Chop onion, celery,carrots
Pot 1 gets chopped veggies, suate 5 mins, turn off
Pot 2 gets ends of veggies, the whole chicken, cover with water, boil 1 hour
Place strainer over pot 1
Pour pot 2 into strainer in pot 1
Pick out pieces of chicken, add to soup, discard bones


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